Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy) Yacht Charter

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Why Choose a Yacht Charter Holiday in Corsica/ Sardinia
Usually after a Greece, Turkey or Croatia charter, there is a desire to experience a yacht charter in the Western Mediterranean, and Corsica/ Sardinia always near the top of the list. The Aga Khan’s Porto Cervo (arguably the world’s most exclusive town) is a must see in Sardinia, as is Bonifacio near the top of the world’s most stunning harbours. It is the variety of combining Italy and France but also the diversity of stunning landscapes and natural harbours, with the small towns and villages that offer something for everyone. For extended charters, it is possible, in 3 weeks, to circumnavigate Corsica including the Northern end of Sardinia.

The Cruising Waters/ Conditions
Like most of the Mediterranean, North westerlies are the predominate winds. So starting in Northern Sardinia will always allow you to sail home downwind. The Bonifacio straights (approximately 10 miles between Corsica and Sardinia) can have a funnel effect through the high topography on either side but generally there is good protection along the eastern seaboard.

May to October offer the best sailing conditions, with a latitude and climate similar to Croatia and is separated by the Italian mainland.

Getting There
Flight to Rome with a domestic 40 minute flight to Olbia, on the island of Sardinia (there is also a ferry from the mainland). From Olbia a 30 minute transfer will have you on board. Ajaccio in Corsica is another entry point, with a 4 hour hydrofoil or flight from Nice. Charter flights from European capitals to Olbia and several Corsican airports.

Local Cuisine
Sublime cuisine: fruit and tasty vegetables, Polenta, cooked meats of the mountains; figgatellu, lonzu, coppa and cheeses such as brucciu. Taste the leg of cabri with garlic and roasted on the embers, cake with chestnut flour, the local wine of Propriano, myrtle liqueur.

The Sards excel in the art of spit-roasting, young pig and lamb being the popular meats cooked either on a wooden or iron spit, which is slowly turned over a fierce fire while bacon fat drips onto the meat. Often the offal will be twisted around the spit and cooked along with the meat, their innards, sa trattalia or sa trixiuredda, are served with various sauces and vegetables.

Yachts Available/ Bases
Bases in North Sardinia offer a variety of bareboat, monohull and catamaran options, from North Sardinia to North Corsica with Portisco, Ajaccio and Macinaggo, the most popular. Crewed catamarans, motor yachts and limited gulets are also available.

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Yacht Charter in Corsica and Sardinia

  • Bay of Cala Spinosa, Sardinia

  • Porto, Corsica

  • Cala Corsara, Sardinia

  • Alghero, Sardinia

  • Mare di Fautea, Corsica

  • Alghero Town, Sardinia

  • Corsican Cakes

  • Calvi, Corsica

  • Cala Corsara, Sardinia

  • Bonifacio, Corsica

  • Bonifacio, Corsica

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Featured Crewed Vessels for Corsica and Sardinia

CROCODILE DADDY: 62ft (18.9m) Crewed Catamaran, sleeps 8 (from €25,600 per week)

NELLMARE: 57ft (17.4m) Crewed Motor Yacht, sleeps 6 (from €12,000 per week)

TILLY MINT: 68ft (21m) Fully Crewed Sailing Yacht, sleeps 7 (from €15,000 per week)

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Featured Bareboat Yachts for Corsica and Sardinia

BENETEAU OCEANIS 45: 45ft 43in (13.85m) Monohull, sleeps 8

JEANNEAU 379: 37ft 20in (11.34m) Monohull, sleeps 6

LAGOON 450: 45ft 80in (13.96m) Catamaran, sleeps 10

Full List Of Bareboat Vessels

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